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On you can research in over 27 languages spoken throughout the world. A specially designed link search system, which is entirely navigated by mouse clicks will help you!

Languages of the world

... Certainly not all, but already a lot

You will perhaps notice that not all languages of the world are listed and available here. However, we are always eager to supplement our volume of data, if further dictionaries are made available to us. In particular we would like to thank all the people, who made this project possible with their contributions. For further information please check the web page footer on the "credits"-link.

Vocabulary and translation search

... How does it work

You can simply start by clicking on our online-dictionary and search for words and word groups free of charge, or use the input field at the top right of the screen for a more specific search. On the system differentiates between "accurate search" (=), or "similar search" (&asymp).

The first search engine (=) searches for the exact word you've entered (although differentiating between upper and/or lower case is not important here). If our engine has found your indicated vocabulary, then "all" occurrences of the given vocabulary and their translations are presented to you at the same time from all available languages in our database! Sometimes you might even get different sentences added to your result to give you a deeper inside on the chosen language.

Thus you receive not only an overview of the languages, which could be of interest to you, but also the translation in all other available languages (if there are some)!

The second search engine (&asymp) searches for all occurrences of a given vocabulary as a part of a sentence or similar word and will list all available translations! The only restriction of this search criterion is that you may not enter less than 5 letters; this is to prevent an overload of our server and minimizes waiting time for you. As this is a free service we hope you understand.

E.g. if you look for all occurrences of the word "dear", then you receive results like: "but we find your goods too dear" or "dearth";

They are recognized by the fact that the word "dear" stands at the end of the first sentence and in the second example with the word "dearth" which contains the word dear. Keep in mind that all other languages are searched as well, so you will be able to receive other language translations like "castle" or "familiebetrekking".

Vocabularies as search word

... dive into the world languages by a mouseclick

If you have chosen a language, by simply clicking on a country in the navigation bar on the left pane, you will immediately receive the first entries from the dictionary. Then you have the possibility to click on each individual word from the list as a search word.

Translation of a vocabulary

... and how it continues

If you have found a certain translation for a searched vocabulary word, then you can click thereafter easily in the given translation with the mouse for further translations of an appropriate word in the text. Assume you have received a complete text as a result of a search, then the system gives you the possibility to click on nearly each individual word of the translation (all words with a minimum length of 3 letters), in order to arrange another search for that given word.

The clicks in the translated words activate again an exact search for the chosen vocabulary in the dictionary. It is possible that you will not get any results on this occasion, but you will have the possibility to search on the other words in the sentence so you get an idea of its meaning. Otherwise you might just want to investigate by simply browsing the database. Try also the search with another form of the vocabulary (singular instead of plural, or a synonym...). On the other hand our system tries to make suggestions on every result.

What you do with our search system (investigate, search, play) is finally left up to you.

We wish you much success with your exploration in our word database.

Your free online translation dictionary team

Interested in a search box for your website?

With the following sourcecode you are able to use our search box in your website. Our site will be called in a new window if a user fill in the search form, or by a click on the textlink.

Copy the following sourcecode unchanged into your website:

<form accept-charset="utf-8" action="" method="get" name="searchform" target="_blank"> <input type="text" name="search" size="20" maxlength="50" /><input type="submit" name="submit" value="find" /><br /> <a href="" target="_blank">free-dictionary-translation</a> </form>

Free Online Dictionary:

Language translation is not an easy task and we are proud to offer you a free translation services with our online translator. Free online translation means access for everybody with an internet connection and, more specifically, reduced costs for the single user by not having to buy an expensive language dictionary.

We believe an online dictionary service holds a few advantages over printed dictionaries, e.g. we offer more than one translation language.

From the start, when we put our dictionary online we wanted this to be a free dictionary. So put us to the test and compare us to other online dictionaries and we are sure that soon you will have no need for your printed word dictionary anymore.

So please enjoy and if you are satisfied, please spread the word about our free online dictionary.


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